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New Release - CurrentMark Series

The new CurrentMark Series of Current Displays has been highlighted as a top new electronic component product for 2012 by electronic design an industry e-newsletter from the Penton Group.  This annual ranking of successful new products is targeted to electronic engineers.

CR Magnetics recently introduced the CurrentMark Series of self powered, non-contact AC Current Displays which are designed as a low cost method for providing visual indications and measurement of electrical current flow.

The key features of the new CurrentMark AC Current Displays are low cost and self-powering with three types of visual indicators in a compact size. Major applications are to monitor status of heater elements, to observe remote loads, to indicate phase loss and to monitor motor operation.

CM1000 Series - 7 LED Color Indicator

CM2000 Series - Color Lite Bar

CM3000 Series - LCD Display

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