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News Release - 5 Amp Secondary Currect Transformer Price Decrease

CR Magnetics, Inc. is implementing "Groundbreaking Price Reductions" on their ANSI Class and Commercial Class Series of 5 amp Secondary Current Transformer  products.  The popular RL and SFT product styles are shown in the attached photos.  The new CR Magnetics Website parametric search function can be used for quickly drilling down to the correct product.

Upon announcing the "Groundbreaking Price Reductions", Tony Hodges, Sr. Director of Sales & Marketing of CR Magnetics, Inc. stated: “We are very proud and excited to be able to implement pricing reductions on our ANSI Class and Commercial Class Series of our 5 amp Secondary CT products.  Over the past several years our business has experienced significant growth by fulfilling our customer needs and maintaining a high level of quality.  This increased volume has raised our buying power with our suppliers and we are passing along these savings to benefit our customers as a reflection of our commitment to the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction."

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