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Last Post 03/01/2013 11:19 AM by  Tony Hodges
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Steve Smith
New Member
New Member

03/01/2013 7:53 AM
    I have several CR5210-5 CT's I use in my EGSE Racks to monitor the main power supply current which I send to a 0-10V panel meter. I have a 28VDC power supply used to power all the front panel meters, I tapped off of this Supply to the input of a L7824CT Voltage Regulator to power the CR5210-5.
    I recently had to change a CT because it was outputting 10mV with no current flow, (the main pwr supply was unplugged). I now have another CT that is outputting 6mV with no current flow.I have several questions.
    What is the lowest current the CR5210-5 can monitor?
    Is there a problem with powering the CT with a voltage regulator?
    Is it normal for the CR5210-5 to output a small voltage with no current flow?
    Tony Hodges
    CRM Staff
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    03/01/2013 11:19 AM
    Dear Sir,

    Our catalog specifications list the basic accuracy at full scale for the CR5210 to be 1%. This means that at full scale of 5 volts output, the reading could be 4.95 to 5.05 VDC and be considered to be within range.

    This same +/- 50 mV is applied throughout the range of the part. This infers directly that it is always desirable to use a transducer as close to full scale as possible.

    At zero current flow then, the output would be considered within spec if it was between -50mV and +50mV. From your readings, your worst case is a 10 mV offset, which would represent 0.2% full scale accuracy, and is well within the specifications of the part.

    You can have access to the calibration of the unit if this is not satisfactory by removing a small door on the base of the unit and adjusting the trimpots for zero and span.
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