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Last Post 12/18/2021 7:22 PM by  Andrew Miller
CR5200 Series
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Andrew Miller
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12/18/2021 7:22 PM
    Hello. We often interchange equipment which can have rating of 4 Amps DC to 50 Amps DC. The equipment has a standby current (the draw used to keep the equipment ready for operation) draw of 2-7 Amps depending on the equipment. While operating, the equipment may use 3-21 Amps. Our purpose in using the transducer is for very accurate differences between standby and the initiation of operation. At times this may be only a few hundred milliamps; we have no interest in the operational amperage of the equipment, only the change. We would like to use the CR5220-10.

    1) Is the 10 Amp rating specified primarily for accuracy ranges or would currents of up to 21 Amps for extended periods cause damage to
    the transducer?
    2) Is it unsafe to property or personnel to subject the transducer to excess amperage for extended periods of time?
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